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    • Expert Lecture on Varietal Status of Temperate Fruits in Sub - Topics by Dr. Y.R. Chanana - Consultant, National Horticulture Mission, Gurgaon on 5th April, 2018

    • Expert Lecture on Advances in Post-Harvest Management of Fruit and Vegitable Crops by Dr. W.S. Dhillon - Director Punjab Horticulture Post-Harvest Technology Centre on 5th April, 2018

    • Expert Lecture on Agrochemicals - Environmental Issues by Dr. V. K Mehan on 30th April, 2018

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The education and experience that I gained from Ropar IMT College allowed an easy, smooth, and rewarding transition from an army career to the private sector. The curriculum, the faculty, and the students provided the environment to stimulate my learning. I am pleased to tell all that I am a IMT Ropar graduate.

Sumit Sinha Student , Ropar IMT

In my opinion to operate in a progressive business environment you need to be equipped with solid leadership, analytical and interpersonal skills, these qualities were not only strengthened through the presentations and reading materials, but the trinity alumni community has also proven to be a valuable investment.

Jatin Sharma Student, Ropar IMT

As a student in IMT Ropar, one gets lots of knowledge and co-operation. Right from taking admission, the personal caring begins and one finds very cosy study atmosphere at IMT Ropar . Above all, that makes every higher study aspirant enable to attain his educational goal being provided by faculty as well as by the administrative staff.

Rohit Bajaj Student, Ropar IMT

I have completed my first year of the BCA- Certificate in IT and have loved it very much. I had completed the introduction to the course with my teachers I knew I had made the right decision. From then on I never looked back. I have really enjoyed my time at IMT Ropar College and wish all the best to this superb institution.

Surbhi Kapila Student, Ropar IMT

The turning point in my education was when I began studying with IMT Ropar. IMT Ropar has been playing a very important role in providing academic and professional knowledge to men and women across the globe. It is thanks to IMT Ropar Training and the knowledge I gained that today I hold the professional post.

Mohit Gupta Student, Ropar IMT